Our History of Serving

Since 2005, Strategic Wealth Concepts (SWC) has been developing financial confidence for families and entrepreneurs by simplifying the complex financial world through quality education. The world of finance in many respects resembles the medical field in its breadth and diversity. There are a number of specialists in the medical field; cardiologists, neurologists, oncologists, etc... However, it’s the family doctor with whom you build a lifelong relationship, the one who knows you, has an overall plan for your health and helps you obtain the additional resources you need.

As the center for your financial health, our financial advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS® and do not limit themselves to one area of investment specialty but hold multiple licenses that cross over several disciplines to ensure they are using the most effective tools for the given need. They also encourage the utilization networks of local estate attorneys and CPA specialists who will further enhance the effectiveness of your financial preparation. It is this deep educational pool, decades of financial experience and educational approach that will help you succeed in achieving your goals, diagnosing financial risks, avoiding financial peril, protecting your family against life altering events prescribing the right solutions for a healthy future.

To ensure a cohessive client experience we have staffed our office around your needs. Our advisors work together with each family so that we are having dialog on how best to meet your financial needs. We employ several subject matter experts so that a specific question relating to the accounts can be answered quickly. We understand that answering your questions quickly will greatly help bring you peace of mind.