Our Process

Client Centered

If you are looking for an advisor, are unsatisfied with a shallow approach in your current financial plan, or curious about a more comprehensive educational process to ensure the success of your family’s financial future, these next steps are easy.

  1. A complimentary first visit to talk about your current situation, questions you have about us, our process, talk about the services we provide and decide if we are a fit for you. If you decide to move forward, there will be information you take home that will start you on an educational journey that will change your life.
  2. The next visit is all about you. We will get to know your goals, dreams, fears, assess your current situation and map out the steps to move forward.
  3. Depending on your needs, there can be one or several educational visits that will simplify financial principles that will enlighten the principles used to make decisions. Principles once put into action will place you on a path of living out your financial vision.  
  4. A plan of action is established based on your input during the educational visits. This financial plan is the map to the journey that will guide you in achieving your financial ambitions.
  5. Finally, we will be with you walking by your side, meeting regularly to monitor your progress and identify changes in circumstances that with minor adjustments will keep you firmly on a lifelong path of financial wellbeing.

As a member of the Strategic Wealth Concepts family, we commit to a lifelong educational experience where your membership provides access to our ongoing educational events. We are so committed to our educational process that we have built our own educational venue, The Teton Event Center. It is here where you will continue to learn about financial principles that can benefit your life and build confidence through education.