The Business Consulting Strategy Guide

Manage the things you can control, insure those you can't.

Business Consulting and Strategic Planning

    With the majority of your net worth and financial future dependent on you being healthy and running your business, we can work with you to reduce your family’s financial risk through appropriate risk mitigation measures. Losing a key employee, who is foundational to your business can also present a financial calamity. We can help you protect your financial future.


    • Long-Term Disability Protection
    • Key Man Insurance Policies
    • Self-funding Buy/Sell strategies for a partner’s death, disability, or retirement

    Starting and building a business requires correct structuring and funds to take advantage of opportunities. Now that it drives your income, finding and keeping the right people to take over the tasks you were doing, can be as challenging as doing all the work yourself. We can work with you to provide tools that will attract, retain, and influence key employees and partners in your business.


      • Business Structure Consulting
      • Build Buckets of Tax-Exempt Early Access Deal Money
      • Work Sponsored Simple IRA’s, 401k’s & Hybrid Defined Benefit Plans
      • Supplemental Executive Retirement Planning (SERP)
      • Executive Bonus Plans
      • Key Person Retention Strategies
      • Business Expense Disability Protection